In accordance with Connecticut's recently adopted "Stay Safe, Stay at Home" policy, church office hours have been suspended. Sunday worship services are being held online at 10:30 AM. On Wednesday nights, Bible Study and Prayer & Praise Service are being held via teleconference. Please go to Events Calendar —> Church Message Board for more information.


Giving of One’s Talent, Time and Treasure

As Christians we are called to be good stewards in every phase of our lives. May we be good stewards of our time and money for the glory of God!

Giving On-Line is an option for contributing your tithes and offerings to God’s house.

It enables you to make your gifts on a periodic or recurring basis or to send in your tithes and offerings when you are traveling and unable to attend church. Union Baptist uses the tool which lets you give securely from anywhere, at any time.

Giving Donations can be made using or by mailing your gift to:

Union Baptist Church
805 Newfield Avenue
Stamford, CT 06905
Attn: Office Manager

Giving One’s Time is a critical part of stewardship.

We must be intentional and wise with how we use the time God gives us. We encourage you to seek God’s direction and find the tasks most suited to you. There are many ministries at Union Baptist that could use your God-given talents.

Vision 2020 and Beyond: Building Our Spiritual House Together

Each day gives us glorious reasons to be thankful and our hearts to be filled with praise. As we plan for the new decade 2020 and beyond, we find ourselves filled with the excitement that comes from new challenges and opportunities.

We must care for the sanctuary God has blessed us with: repair the old, beautify the worn and splintered, and refresh the site. We cannot and will not neglect the care needed for the house God gave us.

And the next several years invite us to address change.  Living in a changing world we must keep up with the new, watch the trends and be ready for change.

We want our history to be written in the record of our visions and the clarity of our story so plain that every generation to follow will understand it. We know that, with God, all things are possible.