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  • The annual community Thanksgiving Day Dinner will be held at the St. John’s Episcopal Church dining room located at 628 Main Street in Stamford. A family-style turkey dinner will be served at 12 noon. All are welcome. There is no charge and no collection. Please make your reservation for dinner, transportation or meal delivery by registering at For any questions, please call (203) 323-0200. Reservations must be received by 11 AM Wednesday, November 27. To volunteer your time or to donate, visit
  • If you or a family member needs a ride to attend Autumn Gold, please contact the church office at (203) 322-0881 by 3 PM the Friday before.
  • The UBC Parking & Transportation Ministry is available to transport members to and from the 10:30AM service on Sundays. To arrange for pickup please call the church office at (203) 322-0881. If you are not a regular rider and need transportation to church on a particular Sunday, please advise the church office by 1PM on Friday. Unless advised of a different pickup time, passengers need to be ready by 9:30AM. If you need a ride home after church, please head to the front of the church for pickup immediately after service. Our volunteer drivers are properly licensed and insured.