Minister Michael Pollard

Minister Michael Pollard has been a minister at Union since 2012. In addition to a variety of ministry program work, he is responsible for adult church school. Prior to becoming a Minister, in 2001 he was ordained as a Deacon at Union and was actively involved in many of the church’s ministries and programs.

Minister Pollard has a long history of serving the community and served on the boards of many volunteer organizations including United Way of Stamford, Urban League of Southwest Connecticut, Union Social Services Corporation, Stamford Public Education Foundation, Junior Achievement, and the American Red Cross where over 19 blood drives have been organized since 2001.

He has also been an advocate for at risk students and created joint partnerships between corporations and local school systems. He served on the board of directors of two organizations serving individuals with disabilities — Fairfax Opportunities Unlimited and ARI of Stamford.

Professionally, he was employed by IBM Corporation for 18 years and served in a variety of positions. More recently he was a Director at A. T. Kearney Consulting and Archstone Consulting. He also launched in 2010 his own business advisory firm, Optul Global Services (OGS).

In addition Minister Pollard has held positions in city and state government where he was elected to Stamford’s Board of Finance where he served for six years. In 2012 he was a candidate for the Connecticut state legislature. He also served on the State of Connecticut’s Criminal Justice Information Systems Commission and in 2011 was appointed by the Governor to the State Board of Regents for Higher Education. In November 2013 he was asked by the mayor-elect of Stamford to serve as his Chief of Staff where he presently manages a broad range of city operations, personnel and policies.

Mr. Pollard, has two sons, Mickael and Mallory Pollard.