Biblical Counseling


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What is Biblical Counseling?
Biblical counseling is a service that an individual seeks for biblical advice to help them solve a problem, handle a crisis, and/or motivate them towards change. The goal of biblical counseling is to provide support by exploring biblical principles and insights, and discovering how to apply these principles to one’s life. Through each session, we seek to help those in need attain healing and peace from their current struggles in a loving and confidential environment.

Each one-on-one biblical counseling session involves assessment, revelation, and empowerment from the Holy Spirit to help the counselee handle their present problem(s). This comes in the form of discernment, wisdom, and exhortation based on how the Word of God speaks to one’s specific situation. Counseling is limited to three sessions, each lasting up to an hour and a half long, at which point the counselor will ascertain the appropriate steps for further ministry if necessary.

Biblical counseling is provided by men and/or women at Union Baptist Church who have been gifted by the Lord and have a passion to see Him work in the lives of those who yield to His Spirit. Counselees are offered mentoring and discipleship, biblical counseling community groups, and classes to help in taking the necessary steps toward further ministry.